Wapiti Wants You

Flexibility and satisfaction . . . Your perfect job awaits you!

Clinic, Urgent Care and Emergency Medicine opportunities available at multiple sites! Become a full time employee or a full/part time 1099 contractor. We offer flexibility and variety.   We are  happy to assist you in any supervision or collaborative agreements.

VA, DOD, BOP and IHS opportunities available for 13 week assignments or ongoing in clinic, UC, or ER.

Emergency Departments - Wapiti has locum opportunities that  offer  short and long term assignments in a single site allowing for weeks on and weeks off. 

Clinic - Wapiti can offer you a chance to work in clinic opportunities for 13 week assignments or longer.  Friendly staff with tenable work loads. 

Inpatient Hospitalist – Wapiti can provide you with satisfying opportunities working as the single Hospitalist in a facility or as part of team in mid-sized hospitals with reasonable workloads.

Urgent Care- Wapiti offers urgent care shifts for those who desire a faster pace outside of the Emergency Room.

Wapiti has full and part time opportunities! Most of our practice opportunities offer the CRNA the opportunity to practice independently. We cover hospital, OB, Surgery and clinic settings.
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