What credentialing assistance do you offer?
Our internal team of credentialing specialists will help you complete the process regardless of what is required. We will prefill forms and assist with payor credentialing as well as set up fingerprinting and background clearance.
Do you have provider quality assurance review?
Yes, our team of doctors  and our COO, Kim Herrmann PA-C are available for review and coaching our providers.
How far in advance do you schedule your providers?
We try to schedule as far in advance as contracting will allow. Last minute requests are also honored and we will work to fill them up to the date of request if you have that preference.
Do you offer permanent placement of providers?
Wapiti has contact with thousands of healthcare providers from all over the country looking for opportunities.  Each are looking to satisfy their own unique needs that may be congruous with your needs.  Call us to discuss possible candidate searches on a contingency basis.
What is the typical length of your contracts?
We offer contracts or any length that meets our partner facility needs. Many of our contracts are 13 weeks but we are more than happy to contract for 1 year with option years.
What background screening is performed on your providers?
Depending on the facility needs, we do check references, ask the provider to self query the National Practitioner Data Bank, interview the candidates as well as perform E Verify and criminal background checks.
How often do you invoice?
Our typical protocol is to invoice weekly. We will provide on site time sheets if requested by the facility.

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